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Zeiss Großplanetarium – Sky over Berlin

planetarium hall📌
The Zeiss Großplanetarium at the Prenzlauer Allee offers you a glimpse into the stars from a comfortable seat - without disturbing clouds.

To mark the occasion of the 750-year anniversary of Berlin, the Zeiss Großplanetarium was built as one of the last representative buildings of the GDR in 1987. Back then, due to its external dome with a diameter of 30 meters, it was one of Europe’s biggest and most modern star theaters. But over the years, the technology and program became outdated even though the building was considered as one of the last refuges of slide projection in Berlin.

Zeiss Großplanetarium from the outside📌
Zeiss Großplanetarium📌
Zeiss Großplanetarium📌

After two years of reconstruction, the planetarium opened its doors as Europe’s most modern science theater in August 2016 again. Next to star projections, now also available in 3D, you can enjoy stunning full-dome projections and videos.

“Much more than star gazing!”

The “sky theater” offers thrilling activities for old and young: a general overview of the wonders of the universe and more complex topics such as the mysteries of life are part of the program.

The Zeiss Großplanetarium pursues a program philosophy: It aims at fusing scientific findings with entertaining and artistic elements. Visitors shall experience a deeply emotional and moving event.


Prenzlauer Allee 80 10405 Berlin Phone: 030/421 845 10